PHPCon 2019


PHPCon is oldest PHP conference in Poland. It helped to integrate polish PHP community and it’s place where all PHPers initiative started. Each time it gathers a lot of PHP developers and, beside of quality workshops and talks given by international speakers, circumstances for great networking.

You will be able to meet Dariusz there during the whole conference, but especially while he will be providing two workshops related to PHPSpec.

Hotel Orle Gniazdo
Wrzosowa 28a, Szczyrk



Workshop: PHPSpec Basics

PHPSpec is a great tool that allows you to design how your code elements talks with each other. If you want to start using it don’t hesitate to take part in workshop that Dariusz will provide during PHPCon 2019.


Workshop: Strangling your legacy code with PHPSpec

Most of us have to work a lot with legacy code. In that cases our goal is to remove as much of it as we can, and replace it with brand new, shiny code. It’s good if that code will be well designed. PHPSpec is a great tool that allow us to do that in an easy way.

Do you like legacy code that you have to work with? He hopes not. He wants you to strangle it. Slowly. The same way as it slows down your work. And PHPspec is ready to help you with that. Removing old, badly designed and untested code is one of the hardest parts of developers work. Especially when you want to repair everything at once.

In this workshop, you will learn how you can change the code with a lot of dependencies and mixed layers piece by piece to tested part of the system that is easy to maintain. Some design patterns usage examples will be also included during this workshop.

PHPCon 2019
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